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1 Free 99Read More 3 000 000 Yes Open
2 Free 95Read More 2 400 000 Yes Open
3 Free 90Read More 1 200 000 Yes Open

Reviews about dating sites:

Alik 11.08.18

I've been searching for dating sites for sex, often go to sites like mamba, where the brain endures and time. And sites like 4club, it's immediately clear who is there. I found sex for myself with a couple of partners and I'm happy.

Ira 05.08.18

Hurray on the site 4club added a section of swing and group, husband ofigel when he came home :) and there with me 4 lover.

Dima 01.08.18

I personally sit on the site of casual club, a lot of beautiful girls for a cupcake.

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"4club - The best choice of lovers"

Written by: 14.07.2018



  • Many Members
  • Online more than 500 000 per day
  • Many profiles from the CIS


  • Sometimes the site hangs

Free dating sites

In this rating on our site only the best dating sites in Russia are collected, but they can also find many girls and guys from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries. But most of all questionnaires are from Russia.
Rating dating site, was compiled by:

  • Free registration
  • No SMS confirmation
  • Email spam does not come up
  • You can write to many without a daily limit
  • Number of registered users

Dating sites

Finding sites for serious relationships is very difficult. Such almost does not drop out, we believe that to find any relationship, you can anywhere. It is important that you had a goal! If you have a goal, to find a serious relationship, then you will find them.

According to a survey of many people who meet for a long time, married or married, about 65% of people found their couple on dating sites. The main thing at once to write to the person, what he searches for attitudes. That's the whole secret.


  • You do not need to spend much of your time
  • You can communicate while sitting at work or school and save time
  • In the photo, you see who you like and who does not
  • Communicate with many people at once

Great chances to get acquainted with foreigners who have 2-3 citizenships.

You can leave your feedback, express your pluses and minuses about the sites above or recommend other sites where you found your love.

All the sites above are not only for Russia, they are also international and there are almost every country.


Those who are looking for elite sites and without registration, then I will say that this is a myth and PR. Sites without registration do not exist for a reason, you people will write messages somewhere and you need to go somewhere to check the message.

So you will have to register in any case on any site.

As for the elite, there was a scandal with the site AshleyMedison site, it was considered elite. Only his problem is that he collected all the data about his users, and then when you deleted his profile, they asked you for another $ 15 for the removal, in general a divorce for money.

So it's better to register on simple dating sites and look there. And then on the elite, in general, many are looking for a profit.


We will publish useful articles on the site, how to find your love or find easy relationships without commitment. And also how to check if a person is sick or not.

And how to tempt 10 of 10.

If you have your successes and experience, then you can send to our email popular dating sites, your successes, etc. We will post on our website.